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We’re building bridges.

We’re an equal access champion for black talent, and a partner for diversity-seeking employers.


A Vibrant and Diverse Community of Professionals

From recent college graduates to seasoned professionals and senior-level executives, our Job Board connects black talent at all levels with top-tier organizations.


Individual Support for Ongoing Growth

Built on 29+ years of HR Experience, our Covey-certified development team publishes regular professional micro-learning, blogs, Webinars, video content, and events to educate and inform members for skill development and preparation for career opportunities.

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Business Consulting

For individuals and organizations — Hands-on, relational diversity, equity, and inclusion consultation and operational implementation for small to large businesses in the U.S.

Professional Coaching for individuals seeking to optimize their strengths, discover their career purpose, overcome personal professional barriers, or just create/refresh their resume.


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We’re an equal access champion for black talent, and a partner for diversity-seeking employers.

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Founded by COMMITTED,


Founder and CEO

Angela Addison is a 27+ year, certified HR professional. She earned her undergraduate degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, a historically black University, and graduate degree in Organizational Leadership. Angela studied at the world-renowned Center for Creative Leadership and University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. She has chosen  to use her experience as a strategic HR leader in Billion dollar Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries ,to inform, empower, and connect black professionals with diversity-seeking organizations. Angela is an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with extensive practical experience in leadership development, executive coaching, talent acquisition, talent management, organizational design and development, and change management.


operational manager & Social Media Coordinator

Jordan is a recent graduate of Georgia State University's Sociology degree program with an emphasis on Race and Ethnic Relations, Culture, and Gender Studies. She brings her competitive spirit and strategic mindset to BlackTalent from her experience in women's college basketball in Alabama.

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